On-Site Maintenance Services for IT Networks in El Salvador

SEPTISAL provides on-site maintenance services for a wide variety of software and hardware platforms in El Salvador.  We all know that IT Networks don't run themselves, at least not yet, and that regular maintenance is needed in order to have a healthy and stable network.   We can work on your Microsoft Windows Domain servers (domain controllers), Member servers and the hardware that this platforms run on, such as DELL, HP and Lenovo servers.  SEPTISAL offers anual maintenance contracts as well as per call services.  


To have a healthy, stable and productive network it is a good idea to be proactive and not wait for the problems to occur.   Server hardware will fail, it is inevitable, but with regular preventive maintenance you can help to extend the life of your DELL, HP and Lenovo servers.  Our Hardware Preventive Maintenance services includes the cleaning and removal of dust; Manual cleaning of critical server components such as Fans, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Processors, heat sink and others.  


We work on Microsft WIndows Servers and our regular maintenance services include updating the servers to the latest seuity patches.  We monitor the server event viewer logs to make sure there are no hardware or software failures that need to be addressed.  We search the logs for external attacks and make sure that critical processes such as backups are working and executing properly.

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