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IT Outsourcing Services in El Salvador

Many companies in El Salvador are looking for an IT Service provider that can take care of all aspects of their IT Networks.  They find it impractical to call one company to repair or maintain their HP, DELL, Lenovo servers: another for their routers, UTM and comunnications equipment: another for support on Windows Servers and other server operating systems: and still another provider to take care of their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.  

SEPTISAL puts at your disposal a group of talented and experienced engineers and technicians that can handle all of your IT Needs.  We are network Installers and specialize in IT Network Infrastructure services and our IT OutSourcing services include:

  • OnSite Diagnostic, Maintenance and Repair services for HP, DELL and Lenovo Servers.
    • We can provide you with Configuration services for all of your servers.  If your server is new, it needs to be configured before you can install the Operating System.  We have Engineers with plenty of experience using all the tools necessary to configure, diagnose and repair your servers.
    • We can also provide you with Preventive Maintenance services for all your servers.  We have engineers that can stop by your office according to your schedule to clean and remove dust in your servers; manually clean other components such as Fans, Hard Disk, Motherboards and all other components.  If you want to extend the life of your servers and infrastructure components, regular preventive maintenace is the way to do it.
  • Installation, Maintenance and Support for Server Operating Systems
    • We have Engineers fully Qualified, Certified and with many years experience that can Install, Maintain and Support Microsoft Windows Server Domains.  We work on all versions of Microsoft Windows Server including Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022.  Our Engineers can also help plan and implement migration strategies if you need to move your domain to a more up to date version of Windows Servers.
    • Our Engineers are professionals dedicated to providing efective solutions to all business needs.  this is why we also support Linux Operating Systems including Ubuntu Server LTS, SUSE, CentOS, MAC OS and others.
  • Security, Monitoring and Backup and Recovery Systems
    • We can help you secure your IT Network Perimiter using state of the art technology from companies like SonicWALL, FORTINET, CISCO, WATCHGUARD and others.  Our Engineers can help you secure and protect your network from Cyber Criminals using UTM Devices and technologies such as Intrusion Protection, Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Anti Ransomware and many other cyber attacks.
    • Traffic Monitoring is the key to maintaining a secure and healthy network.  Our Monitoring sevices monitor all traffic coming from the internet or leaving your network.  Our Engineers are experts at detecting cyber attacks and can block them before they reach your servers.  
    • We can help you develop, implement, monitor and maintain a comprehensive Backup and recovery system to help you recover your network and data from natural disasters, man made disasters, fires and other such events.  a Backup and recovery strategy is the best way to protect your network and no network should be without it.  Our Engineers work with the best backup and recovery solutions in the industry from companies like VEEAM, ACRONIS, Veritas NetBackup, EASEUS, DELL Data Protection Suite, ARCSERVER and others.

Our IT OutSourcing services are complete and can adjust to businesses of any size.  We are your best option for suporting your IT network in El Salvador.

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